Thursday, February 12, 2009

my valentine

love so fun. such a simple word but man it can be the biggest word in the dictionary some times.Christine is my love. so today I'm posting some of my drawings Ive done for tine. the drawing above of the heart is the back ground of our wedding invitations,so its pretty special to us.the next three are random things I didn't do them specifically for her but its always fun to draw her name.

this is my fave.

the one above is the first thing I ever drew for her. we had only been dating for a couple weeks when I did this.every thing in the drawing represents something in our life mostly mine at the time, except the butterfly that was just to make it a little more girly for her.for example her name is on top of a smiley face which represents me and were being held together by our love the heart. There is a bunch more of that kind of stuff in there.

finally the progression of my latest tine omig. i did the pencil one a few weeks ago while at a friends house. the color one came a few days later at the same friends house when she had some fun new markers and I had to test them out.
so i have to brake the computer down now so we can finish packing. so it will be a few before I can get on here . hence why I'm doing my valentines day post t days before.

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