Monday, February 9, 2009

my insanity

I'm going to be doing this blog for my own fun. I'm also interested in finding out what you think about my art. I have a lot of stuff that I have finished and lots of stuff half done that I could use some kind of direction to finish. Ill also be doing lots of and mostly new stuff that has still to be dreamt up. I apologize for my crazy grammar but like I said this is just for fun. another way to get my art to the next level.

if I had to describe my art in a sentence I would say its line drawings that are mostly sketchy and unfinished. I mostly do stuff in pencil, if I do some color it usually is in color pencil. I do things in ink now and then also I do a little painting mostly in acrylics. I barely started getting comfortable using brushes and paint, but on the other hand I can use a spray can pretty darn well.

I've put up a few of my sketches from my Sunday book. Sunday book? you ask. Its my book I doodle in at church to keep church. I am easily distracted by things around me so I've learned to draw and listen to the person speaking at the same time. And yes I do pay attention, just ask my wife as she tries to catch me not listening all the time.