Friday, June 26, 2009

Loser Patrol

Loser Patrol. I have been sketching thees guys for years. I came up with the idea for them in high school. They were very crude back then but they have grown as my ability's grew. I'm working on a picture book using the four of them as the main characters. The top picture has the one I called Mole, ruffly based on me (hes just not as good looking as me). The second picture is named Snort, kind of a nerd. The third one is named Patrol , the cool one. There is also a fourth character but my scanner isn't scanning it properly, but his name is dunce the trouble maker. Not completely sure what direction I'm going with them but I'm sketching out all the details right now. THEY'RE COMING!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend in Utard

Christine and I went up to Utah this weekend for a friends wedding. All of the in laws live up there so we also got to hang with her side of our family. I still not completely comfortable around them so I took my trusty pencil and pad of paper so I could doodle when possible. thees are a couple of things I finished . except the ninja turtle I did this a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to throw him up yet.
My brother in laws youngest was watching cartoons Friday afternoon and was relay captured by this rabbit looking type character. He also caught my eye when I came up with this guy. then I put her name on there and did some fun hearts in different ways. when I showed he she just turned and nodded her head and went right bake to watching cartoons, not even a smile. I still want to color it and do some fun hearts behind him in color. Ill post it up when I get it done so keep a eye out for it.
Above I was talking with my niece Alisa about drawing in a cartoon style she wants to do more like this but hasn't figured it out,she dose doe thees beautifully pencil still life drawings.shes mostly done peoples faces but she figuring it all out still. we got to talking about how hard it is to draw hands in any position. I was trying to show her how I struggle with hands and rarely get them the right proportions , so I drew this and it came out darn good, so then I drew to others and they also came out darn good. It ticked me off I couldn't draw a bad hand.

Well I'm going to start posting more often again using my buddies computer until we get our house finished being rewired. also got a project in the works nothing completely set in stone but keep a ear out for more information on it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my valentine

love so fun. such a simple word but man it can be the biggest word in the dictionary some times.Christine is my love. so today I'm posting some of my drawings Ive done for tine. the drawing above of the heart is the back ground of our wedding invitations,so its pretty special to us.the next three are random things I didn't do them specifically for her but its always fun to draw her name.

this is my fave.

the one above is the first thing I ever drew for her. we had only been dating for a couple weeks when I did this.every thing in the drawing represents something in our life mostly mine at the time, except the butterfly that was just to make it a little more girly for her.for example her name is on top of a smiley face which represents me and were being held together by our love the heart. There is a bunch more of that kind of stuff in there.

finally the progression of my latest tine omig. i did the pencil one a few weeks ago while at a friends house. the color one came a few days later at the same friends house when she had some fun new markers and I had to test them out.
so i have to brake the computer down now so we can finish packing. so it will be a few before I can get on here . hence why I'm doing my valentines day post t days before.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Was just wanting to post something other than lettering so I found these in one of my old books
they aren't crazy completed drawings but they're fun. I use the smiley face a lot even as a type of signature sometimes. I also love doing flames, my family says I use them 2 much but I don't think so. so now I took and combined them to make one heeka fun picture.the guy below came straight out of my head. was hanging out at a friends house one night sketching at random when he appeared on the paper.

the one above was a draft for the graphics I did on my 20" bike. The skull never came out right on the bike though I tried doing it a couple times but never looked right to me, so I ended up with the flames only. the one below I did on thanks giving after we had mad pigs of ourselves and we couldn't move. it since has been redone on a piece of board and received other colors. I will post it up as soon as I can, as it has already been packed for the move.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what letter is it?

This is from another book I have . a Little tagging influence. It's the letter "D" but everyone sees the letter "B" or "P" first. no big deal just fun to see how people interpret things. we had cub scouts tonight Our last night teaching them, but this kind of reminds me of them because the colors are similar to the cub scout colors. also the boys always teased me for tagging, always telling me it was bad to tag on things. they are right but it sure looks nice when it's done on a proper surface or place.

this one I need some help with kind of lost where I was going maybe some more circle pattern to finish the second row but other than that I'm kind of stuck. I think I want to continue with the darker more intricate background. some Ideas would be great.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my insanity

I'm going to be doing this blog for my own fun. I'm also interested in finding out what you think about my art. I have a lot of stuff that I have finished and lots of stuff half done that I could use some kind of direction to finish. Ill also be doing lots of and mostly new stuff that has still to be dreamt up. I apologize for my crazy grammar but like I said this is just for fun. another way to get my art to the next level.

if I had to describe my art in a sentence I would say its line drawings that are mostly sketchy and unfinished. I mostly do stuff in pencil, if I do some color it usually is in color pencil. I do things in ink now and then also I do a little painting mostly in acrylics. I barely started getting comfortable using brushes and paint, but on the other hand I can use a spray can pretty darn well.

I've put up a few of my sketches from my Sunday book. Sunday book? you ask. Its my book I doodle in at church to keep church. I am easily distracted by things around me so I've learned to draw and listen to the person speaking at the same time. And yes I do pay attention, just ask my wife as she tries to catch me not listening all the time.