Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Was just wanting to post something other than lettering so I found these in one of my old books
they aren't crazy completed drawings but they're fun. I use the smiley face a lot even as a type of signature sometimes. I also love doing flames, my family says I use them 2 much but I don't think so. so now I took and combined them to make one heeka fun picture.the guy below came straight out of my head. was hanging out at a friends house one night sketching at random when he appeared on the paper.

the one above was a draft for the graphics I did on my 20" bike. The skull never came out right on the bike though I tried doing it a couple times but never looked right to me, so I ended up with the flames only. the one below I did on thanks giving after we had mad pigs of ourselves and we couldn't move. it since has been redone on a piece of board and received other colors. I will post it up as soon as I can, as it has already been packed for the move.

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